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Custom Technology Solutions

The Argenteneo Group LLC offers secure Website hosting, Data storage, and Email archiving/encryption as well as expert software development service for Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett Packard Inc. We offer reliable functionality and full support for mission-critical applications.

As one of the industry's leading managed IT services providers, we offer these performance advantages:

  • Experience simple pricing for IT delivery and support
  • Increased productivity of applications, processes and systems
  • Access to real-time monitoring, alerts and support from help desk experts 24x7
  • A more strategic IT approach with our certified, experienced professionals
  • Reduce expenses associated with buying and maintaining hardware and software
  • Achieve a responsive, scalable IT infrastructure that performs at optimal levels
  • Enhance security through 24x7 system monitoring by a team of experts

Our company focus is to provide software solution tools that accelerate the identification of segments that contribute to staying profitable year after year!